Some sagely advice

Do you love someone with depression?. This is fantastic advice. We lost a very well known woman today to depression, who was struggling for so long. Charlotte Dawson not only suffered, she was cyber bullied by trolls incessantly. Instead of support and love, she was at the receiving end of hate and harassment.

Nobody chooses to be depressed. Nobody IN THEIR WELL MIND commits suicide. People who are unwell in their minds do this, they take themselves away from this cruel world because they feel like they have no better solution, no better choice. This is why I say that Charlotte died from depression. It is so real, and we all have the power, as individuals, to make a change.

If you see something isn’t right – ask about it. If your friends behaviour changes – ask about it. If you know your friend is struggling – check on them, as often as you can. My friend saved me. Your friend might save you. You may save someone.

And finally, the biggest change we can make is to not accept the disgusting bullying behaviour. The people who hide behind their keyboards ARE cowards and ARE to blame. It is not right. And before you say ‘just ignore it’ – no. People who have unwell minds can’t ignore it. We have a tape recorder in our brains on repeat. Repeat repeat repeat. Of course people with mental illness are great actors. We are awesome at pretending everything is dandy. Great at making excuses for not leaving the house. We are good at hiding. Suffering in silence. It isn’t fair.

Depression, like all mental illness, is invisible. Yet it takes so many souls away. Make a stand and protect the ones you love. If we all protect the ones we love maybe, just maybe, more people will be saved.

RIP Charlotte Dawson. I loved your powerful personality, your take- no-prisoners attitude. May you rest in peace now you have your wings.


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