Week 1 post hospital


So, our beautiful Uppymama Primary has come home and my little guy actually squealed when he saw what was in the post bag. In our babywearing community, many of us have ‘legacy wraps’ – special wraps that mean a lot to us, that we keep for when our babies have babies. It is pretty plain to see that this is our legacy wrap. We are unbelievably lucky.

I’ve been discharged now for a week. My mother in law came from 600kms or so to help with my transition to what is my new life. I’m feeling really good. Like, really really good. So good that I believe that with proper management of my bipolar, I can live a full, interesting, exuberant and colourful life. I deserve that. And now I’m going to remind my self that I deserve it as much as I can. Not by buying things, or using inanimate things dictate my feelings. Those things sure do make me feel good but the high I get is so fleeting. What I am focused on now is having a life full of average ups and downs. Everyone has good days. Everyone has bad days. I’m looking forward to coasting along. Levelling out.

I do feel a bit nervous about the reality of my MIL going home and me being the captain of the ship again. I’m going to write lists. Lots of them. Tick them off as I go and pat myself on the back when I’ve accomplished something. I have sewing work to catch up on and I am excited about that. Really inspired and excited.

My life is changing. Who knows where it will go next? I don’t know that’s for sure. But it is all good, I am happy to just go along for the ride.


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