What is bipolar?

At this point, from what I can see, bipolar has varying degrees – like a spectrum.  There are at this point three terms that are currently used in the diagnosis of bipolar.  Bipolar 1 and 2, and Cyclomythic disorder.  They are all basically intertwining in essence, and all can present the same way, only in varying degrees.

I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist.  This is only my basic, very basic understanding of what bipolar ‘is’.  In basic terms, there is ‘hardcore’ and ‘not-so-hardcore-as-hardcore’

BIPOLAR 1 – the big kahuna.   Bipolar 1 typically means drastic mood changes, without control, between ‘mania’ and ‘depression’.  Those that live with BP1 can endure periods of deep depression, sometimes resulting in suicidal thoughts or motivations.  They can swing from those emotions (moods) to elation, feeling on top of the world, creative, motivated, unbelievable sense of self confidence.  Those that live with BP1 can often swing between these feelings quickly (rapid cycling is defined by the Australian terms for psychiatrists as swinging between these moods at least four times per year.  Though, in my personal experience and with knowing those that I know that do actually rapid cycle, it can change on at least a monthly level.  Sometimes weekly).

BIPOLAR 2 – in no way is any lesser than BP1.  This is a very serious way of life.  Generally those that are living with BP2 have ‘milder’ swings of mood.  Pretty much the same as BP1 but without (in medical terms) the co-morbidity factor.  I have not actually met a single person yet in my escapades that subscribes to being BP2.  I would love to connect more with those that have been diagnosed BP2 so I can better understand.

CYCLOMYTHIC – generally, cyclomythic disorder describes itself as encompassing those who tend to have hypomanic periods for a sustained time, and very short periods of depression.  I think this might actually be everyone in the world.  << just my personal opinion.  By the way 😛

So, in my own words, ‘THIS IS BIPOLAR’.  In my own little nutshell


12 thoughts on “What is bipolar?

  1. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II in 2008. I rapid cycle, even on medication. I’ve been on Lamictal since July of 2011 and it’s the best medicine I’ve found so far, we’ve only had to increase my dosage once. I am very self aware of my illness, and when my cycles are happening. Mostly, I spent just a bit more time in depressive cycles, which is common in Bipolar II. Instead of mania I get “hypomania”, which honestly makes me super productive, tons of energy and I get a lot of shit done. The bad part- I’m also ridiculously impulsive. Money, sexual activity, risky behavior, it’s like there’s no impulse control whatsoever (when I’m unmediated anyways, I keep my head when I’m medicated but it’s still a struggle). I wish people would understand that the meds don’t “cure” me. They make my illness easier to manage so that I can function as a normal human being. I’ve got tons more to say about it if you’d like to hear it!

    • I would love to hear more! I am diagnosed Bipolar but any more understanding about Bipolar and Cyclomythic Disorder I can gain, the better. I totally agree with you about medication. It does not cure the condition at all – they only make things easier for us. Usually, when the cocktail is right!

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  8. I was diagnosed BP2 a year ago, after nearly a decade of mis-diagnosed depression and dysthymia. The scariest part is the risky behavoiur, spending sprees and other ‘crazy’ things I do. I’m slowly getting used to being me and accepting some of my past bad decisions are because of this illness. I am thankful I have a great medical trio looking after me, we monitor my meds and change to suit. I also have a strong support network of friends who understand and accept me.

  9. My father has bipolar but not sure which type. I have depression and anxiety and agree that meds help you feel and act a bit more the way I want to as myself, a wife and a mother, otherwise I’d be too chaotic and all over the place. I think a good doctor, great friends and family support and being self aware and trying to understand how I am is what’s best. Being self aware and asking for help when I need it has saved me and my family many times.

    • Yes! I agree. Totally. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a team. For me. And it works <3.

      as a sneaky side note, life is naturally chaotic. You can never, ever guess it's next move. Have your support system in place but please still 'live' ❤

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